About Vapes HQ

Vapes HQ is dedicated to providing the people of Canada the best quality vaping products helping them to quit smoking.

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About Vapes HQ Canada

What Makes Vapes HQ Different?

Vapes HQ is comprised of a group of individuals who have been in the Canadian Vape Industry since the beginning. We have been deeply involved in what vape products in Canada are good, and what products are not. 

The people involved in Vapes HQ are deeply involved in vape advocacy. We fully understand how vaping is so important to many Canadians as also to us as vapers. We want to ensure that those who vape in Canada always have access to their favourite vaping products. 

Because of our deep knowledge in the vape industry, we've added only the products to this site that are carefully curated and proven to be of the highest quality among vapers we've tested them with. 

We believe in quality over quantity. Therefore, we're not looking to try and stock every single vape product in Canada, but rather focus on only those items that we know vapers like yourself can fully enoy.